Medicus Power Meter – Accurately Measures Your Swing Speed

Achieving any distance of the tee can not be done without swing speed.There are many other variables that can effect distance but with out club head speed the most technically correct swing won’t achieve huge distance.

The Medicus Power Meter works by placing the device just under the grip on your golf club then you take a swing and on the LCD display it will show your swing speed.  The major benefit of this device is it will give you instant feedback on your swing speed which help you to achieve a nice smooth and consistent swing.

With The Driver

The thing I like to work on with my driver is raw speed. I want to be able to get the most speed from my swing as possible. This doesn’t always mean that I need to swing my hardest. What I am trying to work out is find out how I can swing my hardest and achieve the highest swing speed I can. I learned fast with the PowerMeter that they were not one in the same. With a much more smoother swing I actually gained more speed at first until I practiced with it and found out things like driving my knee forward and snapping my hips through the rotation and reaching back a little bit further all generated more club head speed. The nice thing about this tool is that you can find out what is working and what isn’t instantly and then put it into practice.

With The Irons

Rather then trying to find out just how hard and fast I can swing, which isn’t really golfing, I use the Medicus PowerMeter to find a consistent speed with my irons and to find out the correct distance I am hitting each of them. Consistency really dictates most of distance control which is one of the hardest things to master in golf. Missing left or right can be worked out of a swing but missing long or short is usually from a bad decision by the golfer whether it be correct or incorrect and also how hard the golfer swung. By having a personal meter telling me how fast each swing was I can try to be a lot more consistent with the optimal swing speed for each given club. Practice does however make permanent.

The benefits to this are that it helps me understand which swings I can get the most out of, and I can practice getting more power and speed from different swings. Knowledge is power and without knowing just how fast I am swinging when I do this or that then it doesn’t really help me. Now that I can meter my swing speed I am able to try new things or go back to what is working. This also gives me an easier way to control my distance. Without the wind I know that I can put a five iron 205 yards with a 95 miles per hour swing. I know how hard I can swing my irons and my driver and my fairway woods and now I know what I can expect for yardages at different golf swing speeds.

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