Shanking the Golf Ball?

Absolutely NOTHING feels worse to a golfer than taking what feels like a great swing at the golf ball and seeing that ball go dead RIGHT (or for the left-handed player, dead LEFT). “The Shanks” begin as simple golf swing flaw and then progress into a total mental meltdown. Even Pros get the shanks – watch this video of Tiger Woods hitting a shank golf shot! Then, keep reading and listen to one casual golfers story of going from his best golf ever… to a serious case of the shanks.

Even Pros Get The Shanks

Yes, it’s true… even professional golfers get the shanks. Even the best player in the world, Tiger Woods, has been known to shank a ball on the golf course! Take a look at this video of Tiger Woods shanking a golf ball (great that the whole WORLD saw that, huh Tiger?)

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Is There a Golf Shank Cure?

Yes, of course there is a cure for the shanks. With good training (or RE-training), you can fix the shanks quickly. Here is one place you can visit online for a fast golf shank fix (click here).

“The Shanks” – Golf’s Finest Headgame

“The Shanks” are like the Flu. No one wants to get it. They are both horrible, debilitating diseases that make you feel really bad. But, looking on the bright side, they both do eventually go away. The Flu runs its course and most people feel much better in less than two weeks. The shanks, on the other hand can be here and gone in a matter of minutes or can last for…..well I don’t know yet. I am going on four straight weeks of shanking the ball and I am hopeful that the end is near.

Let me first give you some perspective of me. I am not the “pro” who is here to give you tips galore about this ailment, I am just an average weekend golfer who would like to help any golfer to keep it all in perspective. I have been playing for around 10 years and I would say that my average round is around 90, with a low score last year of a 79 and the year before that I couldn’t break 100. So you can see how consistent I really am.

I have never really had the shanks before. The strangest part of the shanks is that they happen when you least expect it. I was hitting the ball better than I ever have in my life only a month ago, and then it happened. While practicing at my local range, one ball after another went dead right off the hosel of my pitching wedge. Then it crept up in my bag until all my irons were infected. The woods seem OK, but those irons are lost. I honestly feel like I just picked up the game for the first time. My mind seems defeated. Golf itself has it in its nature to be a frustrating game, but no one really knows frustration until you have the shanks. Although slicing the ball does come close to that frustration, at least the ball still travels relatively far and resembles a golf shot. The frustration can really make you give up the game entirely, but as the saying goes “Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit”. My mind is calmer now since it has been so long. My buddy who hits balls with me occasionally can’t hold back from laughing. When he laughs he isn’t making fun of me, it is just that bad to watch. When he laughs, it breaks the tension a bit and I laugh with him. This helps me to realize that it is just a game and droughts come and go.

The golf swing is a puzzle and we all know that some puzzles are more easily solved than others. When any golfer is playing well, their mind is usually thoughtless. If any thoughts are present it will usually be the thought of just hitting the ball or possibly one thing to focus on. The truly incredible piece of the puzzle is how to get back to that thoughtless feeling. When we are not hitting the ball the way we would like to, either by shanking the ball or any other problem, we tend to think too much. Our minds (and friends) tell us to try so many things: get closer to the ball, keep your arms closer to your body, don’t let your left arm bend, play the ball forward in your stance, close the club face, turn your hips more and about a hundred other tips that don’t seem to work at the time. Enough of all the “do this, do that…” The real cure, I think, is to get back to that thoughtless feeling. The reason I say this is because I keep calling it thoughtless, it really isn’t thoughtless at all. It may feel that way, but it is much more than that. That feeling is the complete focus of your mind and body working together in confidence that nothing can seem to break. If you need to focus on anything, focus on confidence and emotion rather than the perfect swing. Keep those minds clear and positive and away you go.

Good luck!

Mike Michels is an avid golfer from Northern New Jersey. Mike also teaches Science at Indian Hills High School in Oakland, New Jersey. He has Co-Authored two books through Kagan Cooperative Learning. They are “Cooperative Learning & Science: High School Activities” and “Higher-Level Thinking Questions: Biology”. The books can be previewed and purchased online by visiting

Is There a Golf Shank Cure?

Yes, of course there is a cure for the shanks. With good training (or RE-training), you can fix the shanks quickly. Here is one place you can visit online for a fast golf shank fix (click here).

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