Basic Golf Tips For Beginners

If you are thinking about learning the game of golf, there are many details you need to know about at the beginning. But where do you start if you are a complete novice? Fortunately, there are several resources on-line to help you with your golf education.

Golfing Tips For Beginners

The golfing beginner can start by reading some free golf tips on the Internet. Golf Tips for Beginners is a website with many resources that you can visit to learn about every facet of the game of golf. There are articles and links to different golf sections for more precise information. Two useful links that you will find are a free golf tips videos site and a golf review blog.

Some Basic Golf Tips

The Basic Golf Tips articles go over the things that you need to know to get underway. The eight articles that cover the basics, start with the scoring system, choosing the correct golf equipment, the different types of golf shots, and golf etiquette.

Golfing Resources

The golf tips for beginners’ page highlights some carefully selected golf resources. There are eBooks specially written for the beginner golfer, the senior golfer and the lady golfer. You will find links to the best golf balls and golf clubs for beginners.

Golf Equipment

To start with, you will obviously need some golf equipment. The fundamental items are a golf club set, a golf bag, tees, and balls. However, you don’t really need to invest in these at first; you can rent them out from your local golf course. But, if you are serious about taking up the game, then investing in a good set of clubs, balls and a golf bag is elemental.

When you take the decision to buy golf equipment you will see that there are hundreds of choices. The big name manufacturers of golf equipment spend millions of dollars each year trying to get you to buy their golf gear. Don’t rush out and spend thousands of dollars on golf clubs that might not suit your game.

Preferably, start off with a good golf clubs set that are designed with the golf beginner in mind. Sometimes, they are called game improving clubs and they are designed to be more forgiving to miss-hits. You can have them tailor made for your physical size and swing speed by customizing the clubs with the correct shaft type and flex.

For your basic golf education, check out what the golf tips for beginners website can teach you. There will be more articles added and more golf reviews at the blog to help you figure out what golf related products are a good investment.

Golf newbies – check out more Free Golf Tips articles.


How To Use Subliminal Affirmations to Improve Your Golf Game

The game of golf is 90% a mental game, so learning to dominate the inner game of golf is important. Many golfers struggle for years until they learn how to use mental golf training techniques to their advantage. So until you know how to implement the mental game of golf, don’t spend any more money on the latest golf driver, golf training aid, or lessons.

So, what do subliminal messages have to do with golf, you may ask? Well, Tiger Woods has used Subliminal Affirmations since the age of 13. Also, most of the top PGA professionals use powerful mental techniques – it is what separates the top 5% of golfers from the recreational golfer.

What are Subliminal Affirmations?

The way this technique works is that the (audio) messages go straight into your unconscious mind and bypass your conscious mind. The unconscious part of our mind controls our habits and behavior. 

Your mind is sometimes filled with negative garbage that tells you that you can’t do this or that, and it is persistently putting you down. But, since the affirmations are subliminal, they sidestep your conscious mind and go straight into your unconscious mind, where there is no resistance.

Your brain will then pick up any messages that get through to it, and immediately use them to construct new thought patterns and behaviors. In the case of subliminal affirmations for golfers, the complex movements of the golf swing will become a natural habit, just like riding a bicycle. If your unconscious mind is trained right, your golf game will work on autopilot; so you don’t have to think.

Powerful Subliminal Affirmations

Did you know that subliminal techniques were used in advertising? They were so powerful and effective that they have in fact now been banned. You have also probably seen subliminal programs that put you through a complete sleep cycle in only 20 minutes or others that you listen to before going to bed that make you sleep deeply all night long.

Other subliminal affirmation audio programs are used to help you with relationship building, love life, business success, or self confidence. They are powerful and proved techniques – but as a golfer, you almost certainly want to know how these techniques can help you improve your golf game.

Amazing Golf Mind Audio Program

A new mental golf program called Amazing Golf Mind Audio Program can indeed help you take your golf game to the next level. All you have to do is listen to this program for just 20 minutes before going to bed, three to four times a week, and your golf game will improve and you will lower your scores – all without practicing! Traditionally, learning the mental game of golf techniques was not easy, but with the audio program from Amazing Golf Mind it is easy as falling off a push-bike!

Shankapotomus Gifts and More! Gotta Love That eTrade Baby!

I LOVE that etrade baby commercial…the Shankapotomus one. “Read the rule book, Shankapotomus!” Awesome! I have a LOT of golfer friends that the commercial makes me think of, too…. how about you?

I came across a cool little site that sells custom Shankapotomus gifts… TShirts, coffee mugs, keychains, hoodies, polo shirts, baby wear, mouse pads… you name it! All with unique and hard-to-find Shankapotomus tag lines on them.
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Stack and Tilt Golf Swing – Does It Work?

The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing has gained an amazing amount of popularity in the past few years – and for good reason! The guys at Medicus developed this swing technique that is based around retaining all your weight on your front foot as opposed to shifting your weight throughout your swing.

The Medicus Golf Trainer is key to developing this Stack and Tilt swing technique, but before we get into that, let’s talk about and watch a video of the Stack and Tilt swing technique. Does it work? What are the Pros and Cons? If over a dozen PGA tour Pros are using it, is it the right swing technique for YOUR golf game, too?
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Shanking the Golf Ball?

Absolutely NOTHING feels worse to a golfer than taking what feels like a great swing at the golf ball and seeing that ball go dead RIGHT (or for the left-handed player, dead LEFT). “The Shanks” begin as simple golf swing flaw and then progress into a total mental meltdown. Even Pros get the shanks – watch this video of Tiger Woods hitting a shank golf shot! Then, keep reading and listen to one casual golfers story of going from his best golf ever… to a serious case of the shanks.
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Proper Golf BackSwing and Take Away

Now that you’ve learned the proper golf grip to have and mastered the correct set up/ how to address to the golf ball, it’s time to breakdown and analyze a good take away and back swing for a consistent golf swing. Let’s also take a look at the things that can go wrong during the take away and backswing process.
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How To Improve Your Golf Game at the Driving Range

The first step to improve your golf game, no matter what level you are, is practice. Working at a driving range is one of the best ways to improve your golf game, with or without the guidance and advice of a golf pro. Spend time on the driving range to improve your stance, posture, grip and swing without having to worry about holding other golfers up from their own games. The driving range can also be a more relaxed atmosphere, taking away some of the competitive edge that you might find on the course.
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How To Address the Golf Ball

The Address

Setting up over the golf ball is the next step in having a proper golf swing. Simple things like improper chin position while addressing the golf ball can lead to many topped golf shots… and a higher golf score. Keep reading to learn the correct way to set up for your golf swing.
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