The Perfect Weather for a Perfect Round of Golf

Climate without doubt plays an enormous part in a solid round of golf.  Obviously, if it is pouring down, you are not going to be able to play as simply as if the sun was shining.  Whilst summer season golf offers great weather conditions, you also won’t wish to be playing on the golf course when it’s a hundred and ten degrees out in the shade.

Keeping track of the conditions is something all enthusiastic golf players do faithfully.  Perfect golf weather conditions is approximately 70 degrees with clear blue skies along with a subtle wind.  On occasion you’ll get this kind of golfing climate and enjoy it if you can.  However you can golf in different weather too.

I know one golf player who is so obsessive about his round of golf; he had a round on Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Not surprisingly, it was unnaturally high in temperature that winter season, but it was still chilly enough to keep regular people off the tees.  Many players will not reach to nearly that extreme, but there are many who do, surprisingly!

So what do you require to be made aware about playing in certain weather?  The main answer is a lot more than you know!  Assorted conditions ought to be treated differently when it comes to playing a game of golf.

If you are enjoying a round of golf in chilly conditions, you need to remember to take additional time to warm yourself up and stretch out.  You happen to be more susceptible to damage in icy conditions, so do take adequate time to stretch out.  You should wear layers of clothes with cold weather golf.  You’ll also want to have kept your hands and head covered as those are the 2 places where we shed our warmth the quickest.

In particularly hot conditions, your approach to the game of golf should also be adjusted.  Most golf organizations have dress-codes that you will have to stick to and jumpers are as a rule not listed.  You should wear clothes that are made of lighter, breathable material.  Always put on ample sunscreen and bring a hat to look after your eyes from the sun.  Have enough liquid refreshment to hand and take a break to have a rest in the shade of a tree.

In no conditions should you play golf in conditions anywhere it is thundering and lightning.  More golfers are struck by lightning bolts on the course than in any other location.  It’s possible to play in a bit of rain – even though it almost certainly won’t be much fun – but if you hear the thunder rumbling or observe light above you, evacuate the course without delay.

Though the conditions can affect your game of golf, you can always play a round of golf when you desire to as long as you take correct precautions.

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Discover The Secrets To A Simple Golf Swing

Golf swings are as different as snowflakes, and about as hardto copy. Often the simplest golf swing is also the most successful at hitting the ball farther and straighter. Consistency is probably is a very important factor in shooting lower golf scores. Having a simple repeatable golf swing is essential to playing a great round of golf.A simple golf swing is one that becomes effortless through proper technique.This consistency is reachable, but you must go down the right pathway to find it.

Everyone wants to have the picture perfect golf swing but is there in fact such a thing. No there isn’t really such a thing, that every golfer can be taught to use. The perfect golf swing is a personal thing and is one that works, time and time again, to send the ball in the direction you intend it to go. Whenever you can achieve that it could be described as perfect. There is no such thing as perfect, but if you build a repeatable swing you will learn to be consistant. That is the key and all you need worry about. So, how do you attain your own perfection?

You will only improve with practice rather than playing. When you are practising is the proper time to work on technique. You don’t work on your swing when you are playing. This is not to say that playing won’t help you improve, in fact playing with golfers that are superior to you will certainly help with your improvement. As long as you observe what they do in certain situations and don’t get wrapped up in trying to beat them. Structured practise time is vital to improving, by this I mean that a certain amount of time should be allocated to each facet of the game.

Half of your practise time must be spent on the short irons with half of this time being spent on putting drills.The remaining half of your practise session should be spent on mid and long irons working your way up to the driver.Practise time should not be spent aimlessly pounding balls with your driver. Every shot should be struck as though there is something being played for. You should always be aiming at a specific target. You should perform a pre-shot routine and use it faithfully for every shot. A strong pre-shot routine will be your best friend when you are under the anxiety of competition.

Just keep in mind that it is an abnormal rotational movement, and you learn it through practice. First of all it is important to point out that no training aid can replace regular practice as it is essential to playing better and lowering your handicap. Remember to have some patience when learning, go to the range and practice without hitting any balls to start and after you have warmed up then start hitting a few.

The Simple Golf Swing is a remarkable tutoring program that is certain to improve the way you play and reduce your handicap. In actual fact the Simple Golf Swing program is getting an average improvement of 12 strokes. Here is how this program is going to fix up your problems. You will learn how to use your spine as an axis to promote consistency in your game. Balance is the responsibility of both your body and your mechanics.

In relation to the golf swing it’s your ability to maintain the correct spine angle and center of gravity during movement. Unlike other products that profess to teach you “secret techniques” on improving your skills. A unique teaching structure that includes the use of video clips, training drills, monthly live teleseminars, tracking spreadsheets and private trainee forum to make sure that nothing is left to chance is what you can expect from the Simple Golf Swing.

Used TaylorMade Putters Save Cash – and Strokes!

We all know that buying a gently used putter can also be gentle on our wallets, but is it worth it? Can the monetary savings make up for the loss of new technology? Absolutely! Here’s the deal, technology hardly ever changes enough in the space of a couple of years as to make that brand new putter worth the extra money you paid for it. Unless you are a seasoned PGA tour professional you probably won’t feel the difference between brand-new and slightly used – but your wallet will!

Take the TaylorMade Rossa Inza for example. It’s a couple years old but it’s almost exactly the same as the newest TaylorMade putters. It has the same attributes as its newer cousins:

  • Anti-skid Groove System Insert, (AGSI+).
    This is an insert with 14 polymer filled grooves positioned close together to promote efficient forward spin for a smoother putt.
  • High MOI, (Moment of Inertia).
    The reverse trapezoid shape of the Rossa Inza Putter may look strange, but it creates a very high MOI which helps to prevent the putter face from twisting when the ball is hit off center.
  • Movable Weight Technology (MWT)
    Although you probably won’t ever need to change the weight cartridges, two ports located in the rear of the putter allow the user to easily change the weight of the putter. This gives the putter the ability to compensate for differing speed of the greens and allows for a custom feel and better control.

As you can see, a newer putter isn’t always better, and an older putter isn’t necessarily outdated. So before you stop at your favorite golf store and drop a bundle on a new putter, why not take a look online for a used one. You can easily find a great deal on a used TaylorMade putter that will save you money and strokes. And with the cash you save you can take your new putter out on the course!

What The US Open Tournament Means To Your Game…

So you may be wandering just what does the US Open Golf Tournament have to do with my game? Well if you want to play well in your own club competition it could have a lot to do with your success. When you go to the driving range to work on your swing and pound ball after ball it’s only one small part of practise. This is what is called the practise makes perfect method. But if you have played golf for any length of time you know that it simply isn’t the truth; practise doesn’t make perfect! Perfect practise makes perfect. So  really you should be practising what is essential for you to play at your best. Your inner game of golf requires equal awareness.

In order to play well with the anxiety of pressure you need to practise under the same conditions. When the chips are down and you need to hit the shot of your life, the self imposed pressure felt increases 10 fold for most players . The trial by fire approach to improving your mental game of golf toughness and performing under pressure is a haphazard method. Yet it’s the only method that most amateur players know.

By entering more competitions and tournaments they have the false impression that this is going to improve their mental game and concentration skills. It just doesn’t work that way. So what do you think is the classic out come by following this process? Yes you guessed it; the vast majority of players never perform up to their own potential because they lack mental game preparedness.

Inevitably when they fail it’s chalked up to experience and they simply hope to be in a position to win again. This approach, if you can call it one, is the “natural” way. Just get in contention enough times and you’re sure to win. It’s a very haphazard mental game approach. Well this might be true, since a player will succeed eventually if they give themselves enough chances.

My belief is that the more times your put yourself in the position to win and fail, in actual fact what you are doing is increasing the likelihood that you will fail. It doesn’t make winning any easier! Why is this, lack of mental game training? Because the negative associations that are stacked in your subconscious mind around not performing well under pressure. It will drive your behaviour (your thought processes and the swings you make under stress). You will instinctively duplicate the experience of losing that you are accustomed to.

This a tough pill to swallow but if you ever want to become more than just a mediocre golfer then mental game training can save you months, and even years for some golfers, of pointless inner turmoil around pressure, performance anxiety, competitive stress and its influence on your game . Now what if you could recreate the pressure of the US Open in your practice sessions and then go and play with this mindset?

Now let’s say you have a mental game visualization routine that is filled with every imaginable pressure situation you could encounter.   Do you think it would be safe to say that you are a few steps ahead of your competition? I believe you most certainly would be!

By feeling with your mind’s eye, not simply seeing, you can experience the exact pressure you’ll face in a tournament . Your unconscious mind will absorb these sessions and add them to your mental game library and integrate them into your golfing self image. They become real situations in your subconscious. With this approach you are providing your mind and body with sensory specific information about what pressure is to you and how to perform when it’s present .

This is in fact preparing your mind and body to react in a desire behaviour when the anxiety of tournament play is present. When you are at the range hitting golf balls imagine you are in the US Open. Give yourself only one shot to hit your desired target. Create a scoring structure to monitor how well you do when practising this way. crank-up the pressure by taking only one drive, then one iron, then a chip shot if you miss your imagined green with your approach shot. Pay attention to how well you perform this way.

If you want to speed up your mental game progress and begin to perform well under pressure then it’s imperative you simulate pressure in your practice sessions . What other way is there to get ready to face the inevitable? Do you honestly want to rely on the time worn approach of entering more and more tournaments and matches with the hopes of getting used to it? How much time money are you prepared to spend before you make the changes needed?

Take hold of your potential by developing a rock solid mental game. Your overall mindset on the course, your Mental Game of Golf toughness, your sense of clarity and inner confidence under the gun, and a list of other benefits will enter your game. Not just occasionally but for a lifetime. You will be absolutely amazed at how all the little distractions and rubs of the green that used to get under your skin and derail you don’t even enter your mind anymore.

The Medicus 5 Iron – The Patented Dual Hinged Swing Trainer

Countless amateur golfers and pros alike swear by the Medicus 5 iron and credit this swing aid wonder with the power to cure the nasty slice, hook, push, thin, top, lack of consistency, tempo and rhythm resulting in not being able to hit long and straight.

If you take your golfing somewhat seriously, and would like to rid your game of one or for some of us even more than one of the faults listed above, then this amazing club could just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Although becoming a Tour Professional requires a fair amount of natural talent , they have one thing that your weekend player does not and that’s a coach or instructor that is always there , fine tuning their golf swing and ensuring that they are performing at their best .

The Medicus 5 iron will never replace a qualified golf instructor but it will go amazingly close to doing so and let’s be frank, who has the time and cash to continuously seek help from a professional golf instructor?

This is why many golfers just like you have bought the Medicus dual 2000.

The Medicus 2000 dual is so highly thought of that it is even used as an integral part of several PGA Tour Pros practice routines.

Built by Bob Koch, a past PGA Tour Pro, to help golfers of all ages and abilities to perfect their swings. This swing trainer has been around for 4 years and is still growing in popularity.

Here are several reasons why the Medicus 2000 will it help you correct your swing

  • It was constructed to weigh, look and feel just like an average 5 iron so that you won’t have to really make any adjustments.
  • Whether you are right or left handed, female or male or even a child, there is a Medicus 5 iron that will match your needs.
  • You are able to use your swing aid inside or outdoors and just about any location where you can swing a club freely.
  • As soon as you are capable of swinging the swing trainer without the dual hinges “breaking” , you will be ready to use it at the driving range and practice with real golf balls.
  • The dual hinged system is patented and will instantly give you the answers you need to correct any faults in your golf swing.
  • It will teach you to learn a much smoother take away, back swing and follow through.
  • It will assist you to square the club face at impact therefore  eliminating the nasty slice and hook shots.
  • It will help you learn muscle memory for that constant golf swing for laser like and more penetrating golf shots.
  • Your training package includes a complementary training DVD featuring well respected PGA Tour instructor , Jack Lumpkin and the club’s designer himself, Bob Koch.
  • You will even receive a full 90day money back guarantee should you not be happy with your purchase.

So how does the Medicus 5 iron really work?

To put it simply the secret lies with the patented double hinged system that is constructed to “come apart” should your swing be off tempo or not on the proper plane giving you automatic feedback to allow you to quickly fix your problem before it becomes a “bad habit”.

So the ball is in your court. Would you rather spend your weekends on manicured green fairways and putting for the occasional birdies and looking forward to the next round or spend your time hacking your way out of bushes and thick grass cursing the day when you took up this addictive game?

Club Car Golf Carts Will Satisfy Any Fervent Golfer

Golf carts are offered these days in many varieties and many degrees based upon on the quality and the functionality. Therefore preferring one would be a challenging undertaking if you are a fresh comer to the golf domain. So you ought to get to know about the best golfing equipement.

Club car golf carts are known to be suitable for any one in the golfing industry. That is the reason why club car golf carts have won a premium name among golfers across the United States.

Since their beginning in 1958, club car golf carts have made their way in to a pioneer in manufacturing quality golf carts with all the modern innovations. They have a repute in holding the soundest golf carts. Also club car golf carts are famous as one of the most energy efficient golf carts around with a very low usage of electrical current or fuel.

Club car is not just a maker. They are a company that caters to customer needs through best of service excellence they provide both in quality and price.

The various categories of cub car golf carts are famous among many people for various specialties. The  Harley Davidson golf carts are venerated for their classic outlook and classy finish . A more advanced upgrades comes from the Precedenti2.  The Precedent i2L totals with exhilarating original options. The DS player is famous for its IQ system that performs fleet management.  Club car golf cars are marvellous in that they can hold 2×2 or 4×4 utility or energy saver or option filled nature in any product piece.

For any further information on club car golf carts, you can visit the retailer website of the producer. Club car will even allows you to download and install their instructions and also go through what they accept to provide you. This will make certain that you just are better learned with regards to golf carts prior to you spend money for buying one. Make sure you also do a proper online research and read about the options available in golf carts. This can help you to compare club car golf carts with new alternatives and allows you understand the rewards in buying one.

Selling Golf Training Aid

The Leaderborad golf training aid or the Leaderboard Swing Trainer is used by many professional and experienced golfers. Using this golf training aid regularly can help a person achieve and maintain a correct and powerful swing. If used by professional golf players, the Leaderboard golf training aid must be capable of doing something right. If using one makes the golfer swing like the professionals, everyone ought to own one.

The Leaderboard golf training aid consists of two non-slip platforms for the golfer to place their feet on. These platforms slide on top of two aluminum rails. There is a third section of the Leaderboard Swing Trainer which is a raised section covered in artificial grass. This section insures the balls are level with the foot platforms. Of course this makes it easy to hit the balls while using the Leaderboard golf training aid. The sliding foot platforms help the golfer develop their balance skills and achieve an appropriate tempo for making an effective shot. This Leaderboard golf training aid focuses on four aspects of the golfer’s swing -set, load, store and explode. When you buy this piece of golf training equipment, there is instructional DVD that accompanies it with various drills on it to help the golfer work on their swing. This pair makes up the Leaderboard golf training aid and is able to assist any golfer develop new techniques and work on old ones.

Shopping for the Leaderboard golf training aid can be quite simple if you use the Internet and its worldwide shopping center. There are numerous golf-related sites on the Internet, many of them with information on golf training aids such as the Leaderboard Swing Trainer. These online golf shopping stores have details about their products including cost and shipping details. If you’d like to be able to boost about your swing on the course next summer, perhaps you’d like to get your very own Leaderboard golf training aid.

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Golfing Manners

Golf is a dignified game of laws and etiquette, and it’s vital to know the basics earlier than you play for the very first time.

Whether you are participating by yourself, in a couple or a foursome, you should wait your turn. You must stay conscious about the crowd on the subsequent hole and wait until they are sufficiently in advance of you prior to hitting your ball.

It’s by no means cool to “push” the crowd in front of you. If you are playing with others, look ahead for your go to hit the ball; in no circumstances hit simultaneously with some other golfer.

Whilst you wait for your turn, go for your ball and resolve what golf club you’ll need and the way you will approach it. That is called “ready golfing” and helps to keep the game moving. Don’t race, just be set.

In case your group is keeping up the other golfers at the back of you, let them play through. You would merely wave them through, or if they’re close enough, ask them if they’d like to play through. You’re going to by no means make an enemy in doing this!

When somebody is making a shot, you must be behind them and also you shouldn’t make a noise! It is so distracting to be able to tee off and just as you pull back, a person comes to a decision to jingle the cash in their pocket or loudly undo a piece of candy.

Replace your divots. While, playing the fairway, you strike the ball and a clod of mud and grass goes flying, replace it. On a few golf courses you just put the lump back again and tred on it to push it on; on most golf courses, there is a sand/seed aggregate on your cart to deposit into the divot. If your ball makes a cavernous impression when it bounces on the putting green, use your divot instrument to repair it.

As soon as you may have finished a hole, replace the flag and leave the green so that the next golfers can play. Count your rating and write it on the scorecard whilst you’re back at your golf cart.

In fact, there are many more regulations of golf, however those easy ones will help you get through a golf course with out coming to blows with anyone. We have to all keep the sport dignified, correct?

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Top Tips for Golf Gifts

It is really great to play on the lush green fields, with your buddies occasionally inviting you for a dare, betting money and having a wild time? sure, golf comes in with the entire set- your golf caddy with the sets of clubs slung down his shoulder, the petit golf cart and a miniature  parasol to cover your head from the sun(a bit more refined taste will appreciate a cap rather).

Gifting Golf Accessories

Since Tiger Wood’s start towards his finishing line, people have stood by with bated breath at his every swing. Now, golf is more popular than ever. And its players are known to be well paid, even more than any other sports there. So what other reasons do you need to get involved? The best way you can show your appreciation for any one is by gifting them golf accessories or golf gifts.

If your family or parents are deeply in love with this game, why don’t you pack in some sleek golf clubs for them? You and your family can spend the entire day swinging away in the posh green, by arranging a golf trip.

During festival holidays, especially Christmas, gift someone close with cool golf accessories. Golf accessories make wonderful groomsmen gifts. They come in varieties: try out the golf shoes or a new membership card fro the oncoming season.

If you do not know too much regarding the tastes or the golf brands your friend prefers, it is better to let them choose their own golf swing aids, clubs or accessories. You can even get a gold certificate for the brand, store and products that those people might like.

Interesting Golf Gift Ideas

Try out some quirky yet fun golf stuff like wall hangings. They can have cool witty quotes regarding golf, and your friend will be more than happy to keep it. Golf accessories can make for wonderful engraved gifts. Yo can also purchase a throw pillow with pictures of golf drawn all over it? Maybe, your friend will have dreams about golf in the night sleeping on it!

A good idea always is to arrange for a golf package to spend the vacation. This will include a golf trip to a place where your friend can spend the entire day doing what he or she loves. This package would involve a round of golf everyday and meals and accommodations.

When it comes to golf gifts, you have multiple options to keep the lines around you quite happy. So when it comes to gifting people to show your love for them, always think golf!

Custom Golf Club: Custom correct golf clubs

All golfer’s physical capability and swing is typical. Many of today’s good golf clubs might be custom fit for lie angle, shaft style also length, grip model then size. Custom right golf clubs involves selected easy measurements moreover a quick self-opinion of your activity. This custom golf club has become additional than a fad that even not so specialized golfers test its waters.


Custom right is the practice for tailoring a golf club to suit your personal swing.


Whatever your level, moreover a custom golf club the aim is to verify that if you do make a finest swing, the club will be square at impact also would make a straight shot.


Custom Golf Club How To’s:


To custom fit your golf clubs, you want to know: your gender (male or female); your height in your stockings or socks; the space starting your wrist (where it bends) to the floor then your shoes off; your age; your handicap or practice level; how fast you swing a golf club; what club you use at the 150 yard marker.


Gender is used to put you into the correct appropriate scale for custom golf clubs. The golf business uses recent definitions of “regular length” for men and women.


Your height next the gap in inches starting your wrist to the floor are used together to decide the length of a custom golf club that is appropriate for you. The starting site for club length might vary up to 3 ½-inch ranging since ladies to men advantage 1 ½-inch. A tall someone with long arms may very easily like shorter clubs than an usual height someone moreover short arms. Approximately 80 percent of golfers are normal length.


Your age, handicap (if you happen to have one), self-assessed experience level, estimated golf swing speed then club you use at the 150 yard marker are all composite to determined the custom golf club’s shaft flex that is fitting for you.


Custom appropriate might fix your slice. If you bit the ball it progression that the toe of the club is leading into the ball which opens the face of the club. That may be down to a swing error, though it may be because the club is too flat. So once bit of the custom fitting progression you might create the custom golf club further upright to facilitate then this. This will mean that the toe of the club will be slightly off the ground at address to compensate.


There are fresh methods of appropriate according to custom golf club manufacturers still ultimately they are all trying to enlarge your game. To create and straightforward measurements such while wrist-to-floor, height and hand bulk are taken also will position you to the proper dimension club then at what angle it would be to the ground. And you will conduct a club and hit selected balls. One style is to place impact videotape on the bottom of the custom golf club next an effect board on the floor.


When you hit the ball the board will leave a mark on the video showing whether the heel or the toe of the custom golf club is striking the floor earliest. The resulting mark will display whether the club face needs to be flatter or further upright. Moreover things catch a slice additional superior. Analysis stuff may evaluate everything beginning your club speed to the side rotate of the ball so that you could obtain maximum space commencing your shot. You might moreover measure the launch angle of the ball, how much backspin you generate moreover impact efficiency – every which affect distance. The angle in which the custom golf club approaches the ball and the sidespin of it can aid fix your sport too.


Rather than bringing down your old clubs, it can be superior to initiate beginning scratch. It’s a big misconception that custom fitting is only for greatest golfers. Anyone can improvement. That said, if you intend to upgrade a fresh set of clubs furthermore the similar manufacturer they can be able to adjust your old set to become custom golf clubs. 


Custom suitable won’t cure all your bad shots. Coaching will sort that out. Nevertheless if you do create a top swing, with the custom golf club will arrive correctly at impact furthermore must construct a straight shot at your object. That alone will save shots during a spherical.


Lastly, custom right is frequently free of charge. Though it is usually on the condition that you buy particular clubs after you’ve been fitted. So it really depends on what your funds is. If you’re prepared to buy a recent set of clubs it’s definitely worth getting fitted.


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