The Sonocaddie XV2 Personal Golf GPS Review

If you’ve never heard of the Sonocaddie XV2 then the best way to describe it is like your own personal caddie. Coming in at a very affordable price tag the Sonocaddie XV2 Personal Golf GPS will change your whole golfing experience for the better.

The first thing that you have to know about the Sonocaddie XV2 Golf GPS is that it is a top of the line golf GPS navigator. With this baby you will be able to calculate and determine different factors about your golf course as you enjoy your game with the advantage of higher accuracy. With the Sonocaddie XV2 Personal Golf GPS you can determine distances in seconds.One of the best features is that you can calculate the distance between any two points on the course without direct line of sight.

Gone will be the days when you have to hunt for your ball in a water hazard or sand trap that you never knew was there. With the Sonocaddie XV2 Golf GPS you’ll be able to play a better game by steering clear of the hazards on the course.

With the Sonocaddie XV2 it’s never been easier to have the co-ordinates and layout of any golf course right at your fingertips. You can go to the online site of Sonocaddie and in just a number of minutes have your golf course coordinates all downloaded onto your Sonocaddie XV2 Personal Golf GPS. You can also manually input these coordinates yourself as you keep going across the course or collect them from your golfing buddies with similar gadgets. All you need is the included data cable to transfer the course details. The Sonocaddie XV2 Personal Golf GPS can store up to 20 golf courses.

With the Sonocaddie XV2 GPS you’ll be able to concentrate on your swing as it takes the guess work out of distances and obstacles. This high tech GPS unit shows you accurate, precise distances of your favorite golf courses at the tap of a button. And it fits right in the palm of your hand.

Foam Roller Product Via Live Revelation

Foam Rollers are presented in two distinctive densities. We have the soft roller and the hard roller.

You may find that a few of your customers discover the hard roller to be just a slight bit too uncomfortable to initiate with, though what i tend to find is that diverse muscles respond to different rigidity of foam roller so a grouping of the two is almost certainly what most people actually necessitate. 

So the soft roller for beginers which eventually progress on to the hard roller or possibly better still include them together and then dissimilar muscle groups will counter in diverse ways.
Traditionally,  foam rollers cover been used by sports therapists, physiotherapists and athletes.

They include been used as a instrument for rehabilitation but were now preliminary to realise the benefits that be capable of be gained as a preventative tool to mainly get clear of stiff areas inside the muscular kenetic chain.

The way a foam roller works is infact awfully fantastically straightforward, what you cover to do is apply force to the foam roller next to muscle tissue.

This diminutive display is about to make clear how it works. All i need to do is rub my body weight beside the foam roller and as i move i be capable of actually feel the stiff spots contained by the muscle. If i shift my body a small bit and rub in a different spot, i will find that there are stretched spots throughout this calf muscle. These firm spots just would not be addressed by doing conventional static cardiovascular exercise, so what the foam roller enables me to do is to pin point the rigid spots and effectively rub out the tightness. You can do this in varous places throughout your body and as you get supplementary comfortable and confident you can begin to apply other force.

There is a number of typical movements that you can go through but what you will find is that different consumers will comprise dissimilar amounts of tension right through there body so you possibly will discover that you will gradually apply new resistance to a muscle as you launch to see improvements.

So effectively the foam roller is a deep tissue massage that you affect yourself. Almost all athletes actually use the foam roller as part of their integrated warmup.

In the end we all include to accept that we have imbalances all through our body. Now these imbalances can be caused by weakness but be able to also be caused by tighness so operational with the foam roller – pre workout – pre exercise be capable of actually make straight out that kinetic chain before you actually initiate to do any intensity. So think about areas that are naturally stiff. Hamstrings, calf muscles – and initiate to discover positions that will be really rubbing those muscles.

So here we will be getting deep into the hamstrings. If i turn around onto my side – particular hot spot for runners – if i’m moving the foam roller, i know how to target dissimilar areas of muscle and what you will find yourself and with your consumers is that everyone is going to feel tautness in dissimilar places. So people really enjoy this feeling and some people know how to discover this a slight uncomfortable to start with. I think its a awfully progressive part of equipment.

What you have to appreciate is that there is a bit of a learning curve and for some people just leaning on the foam roller there going to feel a reaction and there going to feel pressure within those muscles so be progressive and be gradual with the amount of resistance that you put through. For various people this will be amazingly comfortable, for others it will be finding rigidity that they just didnt realise was there so be sympathetic and be progressive.

You can squander alot of time effective with one of these but i discover its best to use it in short bursts, so that you discover the stiff spots, rub them out and then go back to them at a later date. ultimately you will stumble on that they just no longer exist which proves that the foam roller is doing its job.

When they no longer exist, dont discontinue using it because then you be capable of start using it as a preventative apparatus.

When you first show foam rollers to your customers, i pledge that there going to look at you and say “are you sure”, but if you begin them off on a awfully progressive comfortable fassion then i assure you that it will be one of there favourite components surrounded by the warmup because there going to feel awfully quickly – the results and there too going to get a quick learning curve because there going to launch to feel the stiff spots and fing new ways of rubbing them out.

Its that simple. So what you will find is that if you break your clients in gradualy by taking them through especially easy, quite soft rubbing actions, they will exceptionally quickly become a fan of the foam roller. So look at your consumers, try and discover out where there tense spots are and then target there spots and target there integrated warp up.

This one here for the hip flexes for illustration are going to be great for people who exhaust alot of time at a desk who are going to comprise tight hip flexes and are really going to feel it when they first initiate. When they get supplementary comfortable start to seek out new tense spots within there chain and work on them.

Momentus Strength Trainer – Effortless Swing With Dead Accuracy

If you were to ask a large amount of golfers which areas of their game that they would love to see a progress in, you will most likely find that being able to hit the ball further and accuracy are extremely rated.

This is why the Momemtus strength trainer is a godsend.

This revolutionary practice club has been built to allow you produce a more powerful and smooth swing just by following a few drills for only minutes each day.

If you are like me, I am in no doubt that you have seen Tour professionals on television and could not understand how they launched the ball so far and with such precision. Granted that they train day in day out for lenghty periods of time but what about some guys at my club and most likely yours that can hit the ball a mile as well and I am not referring to out of bounds either but slam bang in the heart of the fairway.

If you could merely add a few yards here and there to your game, it would make such a difference. Just visualize being capable to hit a seven iron instead of a 5 iron or still just a wedge instead of a seven iron as an approach. I guess what I am trying to say is that the closer you are to the green after driving the ball,  the more chance you have of hitting the ball closer to the flag and you don’t have to be a whiz kid to figure that one out.

Hello birdies!

So how will the Momentus strength trainer make it easier for you get these additional yards and plus enhance your accuracy?

This golf strength trainer has been made to target the golf specific muscles in the body and it does so by helping to build up muscle energy and suppleness in those specific muscles. The counter balanced weights will allow the club to swing in an easy and flowing manner while giving a workout to those golf specific muscles. In essence it will educate you how to synchronize the right hand, arm, and body movements to hit longer and straighter golf shots.

Included with your Momentus strength trainer is an 18 minute video to provide you step by step instructions and walk you through your daily program and also 36 page workout booklet to help you develop that strength.

So say goodbye to bogey golf and hello to much better scores

Golf Swing Coaching Aid : Helps To Develop Self-confidence In Your Swing


Golf Swing Training Aid Tips and Resources

No matter whether you are a single-digit handicap golfer or one whose standard score rivals the nation’s financial debt, a golf swing training aid may assist with your game. There are several to choose from and while they could all help many aspects of your swing movement, there might be 1 that will be alot more advantageous to fixing your swing’s problems.

Swinging a golf club isn’t that difficult. Swinging a golf club the same way regularly is, and that’s exactly where a golf swing training aid can come in handy. A hinged golf club, generally offered in a driver or perhaps a five iron, can indicate exactly where the vulnerable spots are in your swing movement. If part of one’s swing movement is out of the standard range, the hinge will come loose enabling the golf club to flop around just like a fish out of a water hazard.

If the take away is too fast or perhaps the backswing is out of alignment, it will come apart. If your change from backswing to forward swing is too sharp, you will be swinging a limp golf club at the ball. This golf swing movement training aid can certainly help produce the smoothness of your swing movement.

Training for the Plane is Beneficial

1 critical component in the golf swing is having the club follow the same plane on the downswing as it adopted going up. Since the club head started off sitting at the rear of the ball, if the plane is followed up and down, the club head can finish up in the exact same placement behind the ball when it’s struck. A golf swing training aid calls upon the need to train your muscle memory for development.

1 golf swing instruction aid features a pair of parallel pipes, generally plastic, with a space between them in which the club head travels during training. Some may have a small box covered with synthetic turf on which to place a ball so you are not swinging at the wind and can discover how it feels to hit the ball.

Golf DVDs can give you visual cues to emulate.

Continual repetition it’s said, will train your arm muscle groups to move in the exact same path each time you swing at the ball. This is particularly valuable in defining the plane of your swing and having your muscles to remember their position throughout each element of the swing. Nonetheless, a golf swing training aid is just as good as the time period you’re prepared to put into utilizing one. Rehearsal is the only sure way your swing, as well as your score, will advance.

Becom Better at Golf – Ask a Pro

Like a lot of points in life, it’s by no means straightforward asking for help, but in the game of golf, it can be almost a necessity. Regrettably, we frequently ask our friends and partners, when actually we should receive a lesson or maybe more.

We tend to think that a Professional might critique harshly, but they’re truthful, encouraging and extremely supportive.

Tuitions at your local golf club won’t be as costly as you might possibly imagine and so they are worthwhile as your game will develop swiftly causing you less annoyance, and making your round of golf considerably more satisfying for you.

Of extreme importance, is being honest regarding your game. The Pro will ask you what you wish to commence with; your chip shots, your putting, your drive or whatever you feel you will need assistance with.

Take note thoroughly and go along with the instructions. You might have concerns if the Golf teacher modifies your grip, your swing or your stance; the Golf teacher knows best.

Don’t hesitate to ask further questions. Don’t be anxious about if the query appears laughable-they’ve heard all of it in the past and will not make you feel ridiculous for wondering. In the event you don’t fully understand, tell him/her that you’re not getting it. You should never walk out of a lesson with unanswered questions.

You’ll be able to think about a single thing for the duration of a class, or more than a few. You may get going with a tutorial in driving; get a good grip, the right stance, the best style of swing, the right follow-through in a single tutorial, and then attempt it. Then, you may focusing on your short game, or putting.

You’ve spent money on the equipment, doesn’t it make sense to learn how to utilize them to their gain and increase your talent?

The author of this article has been playing the golf game and building web sites for many years. Come and take a look at his most recent site which helps golfers find the best golf batteries for their electric golf carts and electric trolleys. Or if you’re in the office, try office furniture filing cabinets.

Hawaii Golf Vacations

If you love golf, and would like to visit the popular, alluring, and simply spectacular city of Las Vegas, then all-inclusive Las Vegas golf vacations may be just what you’re looking for. Do some research and book your dream golf holiday in Las Vegas today! Thinking about taking a golf vacation getaway?  Consider packing your bags and heading off to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is so much more than just brilliant casinos and exciting nightlife. The dazzling Nevada city offers great golf vacation packages that are sure to please the avid golfer in you. You can find and choose from Las Vegas golf vacations year round, depending on the season, golf package, and golf course(s) that interest you most.

Some of the more popular golf courses in this city around which golfers and tourists can build Las Vegas golf vacations include the Bali Hai, the Royal Links, Desert Pines, and Stallion Mountains.  However, there are many more renowned and critically acclaimed golf courses and sites in Las Vegas, and many golf getaway packages—often referred to as “Stay and Play” golf vacation packages—giving you the opportunity to explore several.

These Las Vegas golf vacations often come in all-inclusive packages that can include flight arrangements, accommodations (usually at top-rated, high-quality Las Vegas hotels and resorts), and a wide selection of golf courses to choose from for your golf getaway.

There are many sites that offer ideas, tips, packages, and special deals on Las Vegas golf vacations.  For example, visit to check out a number of different packages and getaway options for Las Vegas golf vacations.

However, take some time to do some research before making your decision, and make sure to consider all the included features and amenities, costs, duration of stay, and time of year, among other factors.

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Consider This – Golf Shoes

Countless golf players do not commit a lot of thought towards their golf shoes.  In the end, they’re just footwear, correct?  Sadly, that’s not true.  In fact, your golfing shoes can make the difference between a pretty good swing and a fantastic golf swing.  You will also want to pick a golfing shoe that is useful for your two feet.

You can find all kinds of golfing shoes offered lately.  No longer are you constrained to oxford-look.  Producers are creating golfing flip-flops, golf boots, and even golfing shoes that basically mimic tennis trainers.  The various cleats on most of these shoes are often fairly different so ensure that if you buy a golfing shoe, it’s going to provide the results that you’re looking for.

Like every type of shoe, your feet must be comfy! Surely you have created a blister while strolling or sprinting? It is all you’re able to think about and it frequently ruins the whole day. Don’t let badly fitting shoes ruin your golf game.

This is exactly one topic where you must not let your thriftiness make the decision for you. You will probably be dressing in these golf shoes often and so they must be thought of as an investment decision. This is certainly one of the occasions where for those who but cheap, you buy twice, so pay out as much as you can spend on a top quality pair of golf shoes.

Comfort should be your biggest concern when buying golf shoes. Your feet should not move at all on your heel if you walk, however your toes shouldn’t feel bunched up. Your feet do get bigger, so if you go to shop for your golfing shoes, try to do so after strolling for around twenty minutes or thereabouts.  It’s because of this specifically that it’s recommended to shop for golf shoes – or indeed any shoes for that reason – during the afternoon rather than in the break of day.

Suitable golfing shoes should really be impermeable so that your feet stay dry in damp weather conditions. Good socks are essential also; they will draw moisture away from you two feet, keeping you dry and relaxed. There is nothing shoddier than walking around for several hours with moist feet!

You’ll realize that all golf courses prohibit steel studded shoes in an attempt to protect their delicate greens. Look for shoes that permit you to change the rubber studs effortlessly, and whilst you’re there, acquire some additional spikes. You never know when you may lose one. Substitute the spikes when they look worn.

Out of all the factors you have to be anxious about whilst playing golf, your shoes must not be one of them. When it comes to golf footwear, value absolutely count.

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Being Fit Is Being Healthy

Being fit can provide you with a lot of benefits here you are one of those benefits is that it will decrease your chances of developing any life-threatening illnesses. You also look and feel better. But it can also give you benefits in terms of fun and sometimes, socializing.

If you’re looking at different ways to stay physically fit, there are some things that you should look at before committing to or starting anything. For one thing, you should see your doctor and get the green light from him or her. Some sports and activities can be too hard on certain individuals, so getting your doctor’s approval is always recommended.

Before beginning, it’s best to find the ways that will provide you with the safety and the security that you’ll need. For example, a black helmet will go a long way with almost any sport at any look you’re going for. This will give you the most for your buck. Additionally, you might have to purchase other accessories like me and elbow pads, as well as wrist guards.

Make sure that you don’t forget to put on the various equipment to keep you safe. Statistics have proven that injuries are rising because of the levels of participation in various sports and activities, like biking, rollerblading, etc. Being smart about the whole situation will save you in many ways, regardless of how experienced or inexperienced you may be in a particular activity.

For those who like to socialize and walk in the outdoors, golf may be the solution. Not only is it an interesting game, it’s a lot of fun. It’s easy to get hooked, too. How to break 80 might be one of your future goals that you can achieve with professional instruction.

The bottom line is that anything can turn into exercise. Even your housework can help you earn those extra calories. Things like mopping are set to burn up to 80 calories. Of course, that calculation has a lot to do with the size of the job, as well as your speed and effort.

Vacuuming can also be a good way to burn some calories, unless you are using a Dyson DC17 vacuum. Here, you are likely to burn less calories because it is such a high powered, high suction vacuum cleaner that really does the job without much effort necessary on your part. However, anything you do can help you stay fit and healthy.

Canister You Learning Golf From A Book?

Among golf slowly becoming one of the the largest part accepted sports just about the world, it is deserted natural that the number of people looking to learn the winter sport increases as easilyBy books, videos and similar articles freely ready online it is just a stuff of phase before a mixture of relations struggle to turn to these methods forlorn to learning golf.  Endlessly this canister be a really great problem that is quite complicated but for you do not previously clutch a good venue of bottom skills in placeCram to balance books and learn golf is important.


The number of relations who turn to books each year to reading a new skill is slightly big, and while there are plenty of books available that force allow you to outshine your golf skills there are actually really few books that be capable of suggest you the good, durable base skills that you need.  This is because there is no physical method workable that a book be able to teach you all that you need to recognize about your stance, and level the fitting conduct to swing.


While a book be able to be helpful to gain you diagnose any problems that you clutch by a swing, such as your ball hooking, or level not traveling far adequate the book want not can physically stare at your swing and resolve what is wrong.  But for you are working by an instructor, next using a book to benefit cram quite a lot of of the further finer details of the winter sport tin can be especially helpful.  It is forceful to experience that you container learning more than a few advanced skills from learning the books, but unaided after you hold had the revise to master the basics.


The number of books that is leaving to use is sincerely quite big and with a bit of patience you are positive that you preserve discover the exact book that you resolve, without having to anxiety and worry almost gone the largest part of the button points to golf.  From books that focus regularly on charitable orders, to those that are designed to pro you troubleshoot problems that you fasten, to still those that improvement you learning the whole lot of the fitting golf terminology there are plenty of options that you suspend and container see the sights.


The finest age to use a book to study golf is when you are just looking for orders that pray allow you to excel your skills.  Working towards science building once you clutch the support is rather painless to do and using books for this purpose is a gorgeous idea.  In spite of this, you must constantly interpret a few study by a good golf instructor prior to you establish trying to outshine your skills extra with using a book.  There are some books obtainable, in cooperation in print and unvarying in eBook format that want allow you to like better the preeminent approach that you be able to lessonsIf you are generally laid-back cram a print book there are plenty that you preserve prefer from, just as there are plenty of great eBooks that communicate you the same options as slickly.


Eternally gawk carefully at the recommendation that is included in the book before you purchase however, a choice of books are not as effortlessly written and do not contain any good recommendation to gain you in truth lessonsDifferent are zero extra than merely fluff, which result in entity a waste of investment and you feeling wish frustrated by the lack of results. Eternally skim over the book a bit earlier than you purchase to ensure that you bottle see in your mind’s eye exactly what is included and what you tin can require to in actual fact lessonsSave you familiarity that the book does not give adequate good information come into contact with unrestricted to pass and come across a fresh book that wish suit your wants change for the better.  Finding the book that works preeminent for your wants yearn for potential be a personal decision, but do not be afraid to interpret some stage and ensure you find the finest book for your true wishes.

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Do You Think You Have What It Takes To Become A Pro Golfer?

The opportunity to become a professional golfer is possible for any young man or woman. If you are passionate about pursuing this career, you will need to be dedicated and hard working. But if you have talent, prepared to make sacrifices, and practice for long hours, you could well end up with your name in the history books.

Golf is one of the very few sports where you have total control of your future. And although you may be competing against opponents, you are also competing against yourself. When you play badly there are no team members to blame, and when you win, it’s all because of you! This is what makes a professional golfing career so exciting.

You must have a comprehensive knowledge about the game, so be sure to obtain the best golf instruction book. If there is any aspect of your game that needs to be rectified, you can refer to the book. Buy a copy from a golfing pro shop or download one from the internet.

Physical fitness is extremely important. This will give you stamina for hard practice sessions, decrease the risk of injury, and improve your game. Your muscles must be loose and flexible, while your hips, shoulders and torso must be powerful. If you are genuinely serious about becoming a professional, it would be a good idea to hire a personal trainer.

Your trainer will make sure that your muscle growth develops correctly and that your body becomes stable, strong and flexible. These are all vital to keep your swing consistent. As you know, the swing is the most important factor in golf. Working with a trainer can give you an excellent head start.

Play in plenty of amateur tournaments – the more, the better. This will be a great yardstick to gauge how you perform against opponents. A few victories under your belt will go a long way to boost your confidence, and you can then consider taking your game to another level. Register with the PGA and try for a tour card!

When you get to this stage, you will have to be determined and persistent. Just a fraction of registered players obtain cards in a year. This can be a disappointing, difficult and lengthy process. In order to obtain your card, you will have to do well in several top tournaments. Nevertheless, if you dig your heels in and stay focused, there is every chance that you can succeed. Even heroes like Tiger Woods had to go through this system!