KBS Shafts Assessment – The Strengths And Cons


Before getting down to shaft’s particulars, let’s perform some background checking about KBS. KBS shafts are not just ordinary shafts but are of high-quality grade that came from FEMCO Steel Technology or FST and originally constructed by head Kim Braly.  Braly is widely known and recognized citizen for his famous layouts that are being used today. There’s no uncertainty that KBS is a well-reputed shaft because of the accomplished players.

KBS shafts are made for players who looks for the perfect “feel”. KBS is of distinctive flex, club, and weight that golfer can choose from. What makes shaft unique is its step profile and amplified shaft consistency. Accordingly KBS shaft fosters an excellent seamless transport of energy thus making the shaft’s actual distinction.

Some other aspects include things like the so called Oil Quench (tempering method) that generates shafts that are of explicit and arrow-straight from its base up to the tip. The incredibly good feeling is due to the solid metal-to-metal bond in the hosel or tapered tip.

KBS shaft isn’t a complete stranger to the PGA Tour at all. In accordance to a KBS shaft review, 40 or more gamers on the PGA Tour made use of KBS Tour shafts that generated 18 top 10 finishers.

Actual Player Remarks –

“Very nice feel and way more steady and reliable that any on the market. Try it out! You will not feel sorry about it”

“The Fantastic Shaft”

In the world today, this KBS shaft is of no doubt one of the great “feel” iron shaft. The science that is behind with this shaft is undoubtedly second to none. What differentiates this shaft from other types is the MOI sophisticated technology.

Negative aspects-
This is not just for everyone. Even KBS suggests that this is just for accomplished players.

Total Rating-
If you are a moderate player looking for less priced shaft then you better search for it in other places. But one thing is for definitely sure, KBS shaft is of excellent shape and ideal irons.





With the Golf Buddy Pro GPS Range Finder You’ll Be On Top

If you’ve been looking for a gadget to help you improve your golf game then you should definitely consider the Golf Buddy Pro GPS Range Finder. For the things that this range finder can do, it comes as a surprise to many that it only costs about two hundred and fifty bucks, unlike its expensive counterparts.

One of the things that you will come to love the most about the Golf Buddy Pro GPS Range Finder is that it automatically recognizes the holes on the golf course as you move along. There is no need for you to guess exactly where they are. An even better feature that this GPS boasts is that it comes preloaded with every available course in North America. No other GPS can compete with that. So there’s no need for you to waste time downloading courses. If you’re not playing in North America it’s not a problem. You can simply download any course in your local area for free, absolutely free. Other GPS units require annual membership fees for access to extra courses but not this one. The Golf Buddy Pro GPS Range Finder can store an amazing 20,00 courses on it’s inbuilt memory too

Another good feature that really stands out is the dynamic monochrome screen of the Golf Buddy Pro GPS Rangefinder. The shape of the green you are walking on keeps changing on your screen as you move towards your holes. So you can tell whether the ground ahead of you is rising or sloping a spot any water hazards or sand traps. You will be able to make more accurate shots with this information. Another thing about the display is that it’s quite large so you can easily read the details as you move around the green.

Even the most die hard golfers will be happy with the Golf Buddy Pro GPS Range Finder, it’s waterproof, compact design means they can use it even when the rain comes down heavy. You won’t have to worry about this great little gadget blowing a fuse or dunning out of batteries as it has a rechargeable lithium battery. So you’ll never have to play golf blind again!

Callaway Wedge Jump


Callaway Golf Company was founded by previous Burlington Industries textile president, Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Callaway was raised in Lagrange, GA and was a graduate from Emory University. Callaway turned very productive in the textile market and was quite fond in actively playing golf. At games, Callaway would use night clubs by Hickory Sticks. The night clubs had been built of hickory-shafts with a metal core. At that time, Hickory Sticks was owned by Richard Parente and Dick De La Cruz. As Hickory Sticks started running reduced on money, they sought investors to guide the organization and approached Callaway. In the time, he had just purchased his vineyards to get a $9 million earnings. Then in 1982, he purchased half of Hickory Sticks, callaway wedge bounce the organization was renamed to Callaway Hickory Stick USA. In 1984, Callaway acquired the rest in the corporation for $400,000. In 1983, he turned president and moved the corporation to Carlsbad, California exactly where he purchased night clubs away from his Cadillac. The company ultimately altered to its present name in 1988. These callaway wedge bounce were being built from carbon metal and a encounter with modified U grooves. In 1986, Callaway hired a billiard cue designer, Richard C. Helmstetter, like a consultant. Helmstetter later on turned chief club artist that very same 12 months and introduced computer-controlled producing machines. At that time, Hickory Sticks was owned by Richard Parente and Dick De La Cruz.With his help, the firm produced the original Major Bertha driver using large-volume (190cc) metal clubhead. The Large Bertha driver grew to 290 cc in 1997. In 1996, the business hired Roger Cleveland as chief club artist and in 2002, released the Callaway Golf Forged Wedges. These callaway wedge bounce have been produced from carbon steel including a face with modified U grooves.

Project X Driver Shaft – The Low Spin Shaft

We are going to kick off our 2010′ shaft reviews a little early with the new Project X Graphite driver shaft has been a major highlight and somewhat of a pleasant surprise for True Temper.  It was a first-time winner on the PGA tour recently at Volvo World Match Play.The Project X Shaft is one of the most wonderful additions in golf and it continues to make news.

Where do we start – all I can say is this shaft will become very popular – we predict.Some of the PGA tour players who are using the shaft are Bo Van Pelt, Camillo Vegas, David Toms and Jason Gore.  True Temper introduced the Project X Graphite driver and hybrid at the same time since they come from the same mold.

Both the Project X Graphite driver and hybrid are engineered using the Zonal Design Theory or ZDT.  This is a True Temper proprietary technology which divides the shaft into three distinct zones.  The Butt, Mid and tip sections make up the three zones, with each optimized for performance using a design technology specific to the zone.

Butt Section is made up of sectional stability minimizing energy from a Hex-Axial Reinforcement Technology.  This technology ultimately is responsible for minimizing energy loss from “ovalization.”

Mid Section is designed for even loading and unloading for maximum energy transfer.

Tip Section is Elongated for a firmer tip which minimizes Droop and Lag and reduces spin.

Here’s what Players are saying about the Project X Graphite-

“WOW! Better distance and dispersion than the RIP 70x… I LOVE the Project X!!!

Put an X7A3 in my Nike Tour Square. -400 rpms Backspin added 11 yards..tighter dispersion & better LM #’s than Oban Devotion 7″


No doubt about it, the Project X graphite is a high-end shaft that better players will love.For players looking for a strong angle of attack, the ultra low spin and the stiff tip point will allow players to make follow through drives without losing them.


A fairly small market, geared for strong players or at least better players.

Overvall Rating-

The Project X Graphite shaft will be without a doubt, one of the more popular shafts for 2010′ – “The Evolution and Innovation never stop.Launched in 2009, the Project X Driver Shaft will become even more popular this 2010 as better players optimize their ball flights and reduce spin.  Look out!

Taking Regard Of All Golf Tips Given

When you were a kid you parents could take you on the odd occasion to the putt-putt course, and maybe you just had it in you then already to know that you could be a good golfer one day. You have already seem to have the immediate knack of how hard to hit and with a bit of mathematics you automatically just hit the ball in the hole every time.

Having a parent or some guidance makes sure to you that you will be getting all the golf tips you could ever need, right on hand. And since there are so many, the lessons on golf tips would never seem to come to an end, until you perfected the manoeuvre.

Golf Tips And Your First Mentor

Your experienced parent will be glad to pass on all the golf tips they possibly could, being your mentor is one thing a parent can relish in.
Whenever you go and practice the first of the golf tips would be the golf swing tips, if it seems you just want to hit off all the time. Since you can still injure yourself on the golf course, listening to those giving you golf tips could only prevent injury and improve your game. Playing a good game of golf means knowing what you are doing, and all the golf tips you get, help.

From the way the golf club is held to the way you stand and of course how to hit the ball. Hitting the ball is not as simple as it seems if you have to compare it from the putt-putt course to the real golf course. A lot of mental mathematical adjustments and justifications have to be made before you get the hang of it.

Appreciating All The Tips

When you finally do get the hang of the game, you would have learnt to appreciate all those golf tips that you got day in and day out. But if you have already decided to stick to your own ways, the idea of pursuing someone else’s golf tips can be a major problem. It will take time to adjust to the new ways of doing things, since your methods were working just fine on the putt-putt course originally, but not any more on the golf course.
Since there is a lot of thing that has to be considered  when playing a game of golf, playing on a putt-putt course would seem easy. You would have to consider the terrain firstly and of course you would also have to consider the wind direction as this would influence where your ball may land too.

The Mental Game Of Golf May Be The Hardest Part To Conquer…

As a golfer you must definitelybe aware that learning the mental game of golf is just as important if not more important as learning even something as essentialas swing basics.  Possiblyto a greater degreethan with any other sport, conquering the inner game of golf is necessaryto becoming a greatgolfer. Without a strong mental game, you can pretty much reserve yourself to ordinary playat best.

Think about the last time you played golf did you visualize your shot before taking your swing?  If not, you are deprivingyourself of a very importantstep.  With nomental pictureyou have no capacity to send your ball in the right direction upon impact.

If you failed to take the time to visualize your shot, the chances are pretty good that you did not have a great shot.  If this was the case, were you able to bounce back after sending your ball in the wrong direction?  Or did you get frustrated and fall quickly into a rut?  On the other hand, when you make a good shot are you able to duplicate it on your ensuingshots? Improving your mental game will help you to repeat the good shots and isolate the bad ones.

To develop golf’s mental game you must be able to handle every distractionthat comes your way, be that a bad shot or a hazard on the course.  Mastering your golf swing doesn’t come easily and either does mastering the mental side of golf.

In addition to visualizing your shot and having the abilityto not let little distractions get to you, there are many other components to the mental game of golf.  Learning to cope with pressure is a big part of the mental game. We all know that anxiety levels rise when the game gets competitive.  Learning to redirect pressure to your advantage will significantlyimprove your game.  It is, in fact, quite possible to use pressure to take you to the next level.

Also, it is critical to the game of golf that you remain in the moment. This technique is practiced by Buddhist monks from all over the world; and it can be applied quite relevantly to the game of golf.  If you are not focused, centered and paying attention to your game, it is unrealistic to preform your best.  Being able to stay in the moment is perhaps one of the best methods to improving your mental game.

If you learn to commandthe mental game of golf you will be far ahead of your competiton. While it may seem counter productive to work on the mental aspect of a sport before even the fundamentals, this approach works. Any professional golfer will tell you that the the inner game of golf is a very important aspect of the game that can’t be over looked.  By working on the psychological element of the game, you in reality simplify the rest of the learning process.

Knowledge of the mental side of golf can also be a very rewardingpart of the game. Seeing the progress you make as your scores get lower and lower can give you a very satisfiying sence of accomplishment.You need to put in equal amounts of practise time on both sides of the game.It’s being able to combine the two that will ultimately get you to the lower handicap you desire.

Discover The Secret To Better Golf Scores A Golf Guru GPS

If you are considering a new golf GPS device do not over look the Golf Guru GPS.. It offers a wide range of functions to all golfers, whether they are starting out or a long time tournament player who needs to keep up his game. The Golf Guru GPS Guru 4 is much more than just a handheld golf GPS. Whether you seek the perfect lay-up spot , statistical records or the elimination of blind shots your skills and knowledge will develop quickly using the Golf Guru GPS Guru 4.

It uses satellite imagery to plot your exact spot on the course and improve your game.By providing you with the distance information you need instantly you can quickly make the correct decision on club selection.A great investment for novices, the Golf Guru GPS will allow them to improve themselves each time they play by challenging their own statistics.

When striving for improvement there is nothing better than a friendly competition.The better the competition you compete in or against the better you will become.But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a little advantage over your competition with the help of a golf guru GPS.

Even if you are a professional or a highly competitive amateur player within the world of golf you can use the Golf Guru GPS Guru 4 to assist with managing your gameUse the statistics to perfect your game and work on the parts that need the most improvement.You can download course maps for free and become familiar with a new course before you even play it.Immediately you will notice improvements to your overall score. Your playing partners won’t know what hit them.

There is no need to worry about quality with a GPS Golf Guru either, they are well built.They come with a 30 day money back guarantee, user friendly interface and excellent customer support. There are no annual fees, course maps are free to download and if the course you play is not in their system, you can request it, and it usually only takes a week for it to be added or you have to option to map it yourself. Unlike otherproducts within this category you do not require a lot of technical know-how, the Golf Guru GPS is simple to use and simple to set-up.

As a golfer you do not require this product, but your enjoyment of the game will increase if there is less to worry about.If you are looking for something that can have an immediate impact on your game then a golf guru GPS is your ticket.It’s the fastest way to improve your course management and shave strokes from your scores.Having yardage information at your disposal takes the guess work out of it.

One technique of bettering ones-self is to use your golf GPS to pinpoint the perfect landing position for your lay-up on a difficult hole.This will remove the hazards and allow you to have your favourite yardage left into the green.Once you know where to lay the ball up you can concentrate on your execution and make the ball go where you want it to.

Included with the purchase of a Golf Guru GPS are professional customer support and a satisfaction guarantee of 30 days. This provides a safe means of improving your game without any risk of being disappointed.Returns of the Golf Guru GPS are extremely rare and for good reason. It doesn’t matter if you are practicing, playing with your buddies on Saturday morning or preparing to play your club championship tournament, you will play better with a Golf Guru GPS.

Professional Golf Career Specifications and Possibilities

The online game of golf will be the centerpiece for the substantial industry. Whilst the game of golf applied being deemed a activity for the ultimate pros and played generally by business executives, anybody can pursue a professional playing golf profession if they wish to. You will find quite a few colleges devoted to education individuals to the activity, which takes many years of education and hard work to master, or other elements connected to the game of golf, this sort of as management.

The initial stage in going into a pro the game of golf vocation is to get educated. You can find several projects out there inside marketplace, even in challenging financial occasions, but most of them demand people with firm knowledge on the activity. Attaining a degree in playing golf operations is one way to complete this. The curriculum of this type of education program not simply presents a background in how the game of golf is played as effectively as the history of the sport, but prepares students regarding how to take care of golf best golf training, tutorials operations, and staff. In addition , it trains college students on the fundamentals of teaching the game of golf, that is a solid vocation possibility inside golf industry.

Your professional golf career can then be leap commenced by using a placement support, offered by several colleges. Preserve in mind that working inside the golf industry doesn’t mean you might have to get a pro golf improvement plan, although if you’re beneficial enough in the game, you may perhaps find yourself down that road. There will also be many specialty jobs, moreover to managing and teaching. These projects have had a substantial impact on the national financial system all round, given that numerous other industries are involved in serving the golfing marketplace. The playing golf economic climate in the U.S. continues to be noted to get larger than that with the newspaper, carrying out arts, or motion picture industries.

A expert golf profession can be directly linked to course upkeep. Around the engineering aspect, designing playing golf training is definitely an important task. The programs also need to be renovated occasionally and installation of infrastructure such as irrigation also involves the expertise of pros with a proficiency for playing golf. All from the apparatus that’s observed about the playing golf lessons, ranging from golf carts to golfing clubs, is acquired by professionals who perform for your the game of golf program and who need to know what items most match the facility.

A tremendous component with the golf industry is all in the associated supplies. From manufacturing to product sales the many goods, apparel, as effectively as books and magazines all require the perform of dedicated pros. A the game of golf job can also consider area on the media aspect. You’ll find several magazines and sites linked to golfing, all requiring writers, editors, and publishers. On tv

there is golf-related operate, immediately on exhibits or writing for them. Generating and directing these also need information of golfing that wouldn’t be acknowledged by a non-professional.

The hospitality and tourism sector is an additional enormous emphasis for a pro the game of golf occupation. Golf training course lodging also needs management, and also servicing staff and people who can operate mental golf training. Lodging also needs individuals with a focus in foods and beverage talent, as chefs and restaurant employees can come across opportunities at a lodge, course dining hall, or caterer which has organization for the tutorials. Authentic estate has also been impacted from the the game of golf business, since residential construction has boomed all-around golfing courses.

How Hybrid Clubs Can Improve Your Game

They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but that is not always true. Case in point, the hybrid golf club. You get the best of the iron and the fairway woods in a single club. The head is looks more like a wood than an iron so you have a much larger club face than with an iron. But the shaft of more like an iron, which is to say, shorter. So you don’t need to sweet it when you find your ball sitting in a difficult area that would make the wide swing arc of a fairway wood problematic. No wonder the pros and the golf press have sung the praises of hybrid golf clubs.

This was not always the case. There was a time when hybrid golf clubs where perceived as quite difficult to use. As a result, the demand for these new clubs was weak. In response the manufacturers of hybrids did their research and came up with some alterations to the original design that have made them easier to use. With these changes their popularity has soared in recent years.

At this point is reasonable to ask what advantages does this club bring to the player. Here are some elements of the design of these clubs that are a huge help to many golfers

You cannot achieve with an iron what you can do with a hybrid golf club. One reason for this is the hybrid’s low center of gravity, which is what results in the loft it attains, something you could not easily do with an iron but is accomplished with ease with a hybrid.

On the whole, the hybrid golf club has a flat club face that is flat and a steeper launch angle than the equivalent iron. These design elements give a golf ball an added rapid rate of spin and for that reason improved precision since the ball rolls much less after landing.

Consequently, almost all golfing professionals have concluded that hybrid golf clubs are capable of helping golfers hit the ball for extended distances, in addition to doing so with more accuracy. So if you are seeking to improve your game, you ought to explore the possibility of using hybrid golf clubs.

In the Masters golf 2010, Tiger seems to be the main event

Even the fans that only casually watch find the return of Tiger Woods to the Masters golf 2010 a big deal. Will Tiger take control of yet another major? The official pairings and tee times can been seen at www.masters.com/en_US/scores/pairings/index.html , but if you wanted to know what the times would specifically be: Tiger will tee of Thursday in the Augusta National at 1:42 p.m. Eastern: He will be paired off with Matt Kuchar and K.J. Choi.

For more information on the competitors at The Masters golf 2010, visit this site at



When will Masters golf 2010 be on the radio/TV

The Masters TV schedule at narutofantasy.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474978155647&grpId=3659174697259360 (as well as the satellite radio schedule) seems to be vital for all golfing fans. This is a possible schedule. Get yourself to a payday loan store for personal loans already if your cable is disconnected.

  • Wednesday, April 7: ESPN 3-5 p.m. ET
  • Thursday, April 8: ESPN 4-7:30 p.m. ET, Sirius/XM radio 2-7:30 p.m. ET
  • Friday, April 9: ESPN 4:30-7:30 p.m. ET, Sirius/XM radio 2-7:30 p.m. ET
  • Saturday, April 10: CBS 3:30-7 p.m. ET, Sirius/XM radio 2-7 p.m. ET
  • Sunday, April 11: CBS 2-7 p.m. ET, Sirius/XM radio 2-7 p.m. ET

Top 10 players who could win The Masters golf 2010

  1. Retief Goosen –Five top-10 finishes in seven events this season and only one finish worse than top-20 at The Masters since 2002 make Goosen a very safe choice. If his putting is on, he’ll be tough to beat.
  2. Steve Stricker –He got sixth in the 2009 Masters and currently is ranked second in the world. If the Masters Golf 2010 is soft then Stricker’s hit with minimal speed will play well.
  3. Padraig Harrington – The Masters golf 2010 definitely qualifies as the pride of Dublin loving the majors. His ability to focus on the course should help him climb the ladder to win along with his usual ability to keep himself within striking distance.
  4. Jim Furyk – Furyk needs to hit greens in regulation to remain in contention, tied for third in putting average this season. Although his swing isn’t pretty, it is still effective.
  5. Lee Westwood –A long driver with an improving green game, Westwood must reign in his inconsistent short game to have a shot at winning The Masters golf 2010.
  6. Ernie Els – He may be hot but “The Big Easy” fans hope he hasn’t peaked too early. Between 2000 and 2004, Els had four straight top 10s at the Masters, but hasn’t been able to make that since 2006. If he can get over that, then he might be in the running.
  7. Tiger Woods –Tiger certainly faces a number of distractions, but he’s proved before that he doesn’t need to be at his best to win majors like The Masters golf 2010. If he can start fast, he’ll put the fear of the Tiger in the competition.
  8. Phil Mickelson –Michelson’s legendary short game can keep him in any tournament. He’s had a difficult 2010, however, so he’ll have to strike the ball more consistently.
  9. K.J. Choi – In five of his first seven events this season, Choi has been in the top 25. While he doesn’t bring great distance off the tee, he ranks first in proximity to hole from the fairway. It’s like his second and third shots are laser-guided.
  10. Paul Casey – Considering the Augusta National has a lot of dog leg left hole and Casey moves the ball right to left very well, he is a contender. However, he had to withdraw from his last tournament because of health issues.