How Golf Distance Is Achieved

The mastermind who said that you drive for show and putt for dough must have hit his drive all of 190 downhill and downwind! If you don’t drive the ball effectively, this game is very difficult to enjoy or score. Golfers are forever looking for golf distance tips from anyone that offers them. If you are at your doctor talking golf, a golf tip is bound to rear its head in the conversation. Have you ever wondered why good golfers seem to swing easy and yet blister the ball 290 down the middle?

All the friends I golf with can at least savor their round as long as they are getting off the tee in good shape, regardless of their score. But, if you have no idea where your drive is going and you are hitting 3 off the tee after you hit your 3rd tee shot OB, you know the feeling of a ruined round caused by awful driving. Is there a secret formula you ask yourself. Could there be a secret that all the low handicappers know but won’t share in fear of losing their edge? Here a newsflash for you guys, there is no easy, quick fix. There is no magic trick. There is no club on the market that can cure the ills a bad golf swing produces. The answer to hitting more solid shots is balance and the ability to repeat the same good swing over and over again.

The answer is to start from the foundation up. You have to take one step at a time. The grip is the starting point and then you work your way through to your stance and then the swing. I tested all the fast fixes and changing drivers and reading golf digest for other golf distance tips and new putting secrets. I stumbled upon the one program that worked for me: Eric Jones’ 5 Keys to Golf Distance.

This system was the the one that made it ‘click’ for me because it enabled me to find balance in my swing. the swing-system focuses on utilizing leverage to tap into unkown power sources and find balance to make sure you keep it straight. I felt part of a similar group of golfers who were looking to improve. I highly recommend it to all my readers.

Harry Hackinruff is a golfing fanatic who created his website to write about his quest to achieve adding golf distance to his golf swing. His blog is not only about his interesting and funny stories about searching for golf distance, but he also has some great articles about sports, fitness and health related topics.

How To Get Beginner Golf Coaching

One of the questions I’m continually asked by beginner golf players is: Do I need golf lessons? As a professional golf coach, guess what my answer is? Of course you do.

I say this not to fill my lesson book but to seriously help golfers learn to play golf properly.
I’m not sure of where I heard this but did you know that golf is the 2nd most difficult sport to master biomechanically? Golf is one the hardest sports to master and hardly anyone gets golf coaching. It is like learning to drive with no help. Trying to diagnose an acute disease without a doctor or specialist or trying to clean the fuel injection on your car without a mechanic. All of these jobs listed sounds difficult and you wouldn’t dream of doing it yourself unless it was your profession or you at least had some experience in that area.

Hopefully you understand that the golf swing itself is a complex movement. There are a variety of reasons that explain why you’re swing is poor. You need more than golf tips for beginners, let me show you why you need beginner golf instruction The first one is your body. Most swing issues are born out of physical limitations, that is people swing the way they do to protect their body and move their body where it is most comfortable. Many golfers with tight hips add additional knee flex to their stance so they don’t have to bend from the hips. This creates other swing issues and forces you to swing from non athletic posture.

Secondly your concepts of the game have an impact on your game. What you think happens in the golf swing does it actually happen? Does the head stay still? Do you lift the ball in the air? Are divots bad? Misconceptions ruin a golfers ability to play good golf. They are trying to do things that can’t be done or do not suit the game we are playing.

Thirdly your equipment has an impact on your game. Is your equipment suited to you? Would you go into a shoe store and ask for a pair of size 11 shoes? What if you’re not size 11? The point is you need help selecting your equipment from an experienced professional. If you have poor equipment you will have to change your swing to use the clubs. You will change your swing to make your equipment work for you. Have you ever not been able to hit your driver in the air? Therefore you go and practice with the driver to get it right. What are you doing? You are changing your swing to suit the driver instead of matching your equipment to you personally. If you’re not careful you will find yourself constantly adjusting.

Hopefully this article has illustrated to you that golf is a complex game and that you need help from a professional to help you understand the factors that are limiting you.

Carnoustie Golf Vacation – Learning Golf Etiquette

Some players feel intimidated, or even nervous, about playing their first ever round of golf. You might be so self-conscious that you end up ruining your stroke. This only becomes more pronounced during your first Carnoustie golf vacation. As a new recruit to the game of golf, your friends’ eyes are on you. Is there some kind of etiquette on the golf course? There is. Read on. Because you surely want your first Carnoustie golf vacation to have no hitches.

Carnoustie Golf Vacation
-Equipment matters

It’s not generally allowed to borrow your partner’s golf clubs. Still, you ought to shop for and practice with your own gear. You may want to bring a maximum of fourteen clubs to your game. Be sure to have a lot of tees and golf balls. It’s expected for beginners to lose a lot of golf balls when they first try the game. Also, bring a ballmark repair tool with you.

When you set tee time, make it on time

You can reserve tee time by getting in touch with the golf course. It’s often policy to indicate this a few days before the intended play date. Still, once you reserve tee time in your fist Carnoustie golf vacation, be sure you get there early – half an hour at least, to be exact. How about spending some time warming up? Your group could lose your spot, and it’s inconvenient to wait some more, especially when the course if packed with people. So be there early, and do some practice while you wait your turn.

Carnoustie Golf Vacation -Dress the part

There is often a dress code on many golf courses. Ask about the particular dress code where you’re schedule to play. Often a pair of khaki shorts/slacks and a comfortable collared golf shirt are enough. Still, be sure to check. You don’t want problems during your first Carnoustie golf vacation, problems you can avoid.

Play the golf ball where it lies

That means you are not to touch or move the golf ball from where it was found to rest on. Although there are exceptions, it’s better to stick to this rule.

Keep to a good pace of play

It’s generally not good to keep people waiting. Same goes for the group behind your group. So keep a good pace of play. Simply hit when it’s your turn. While the other players are hitting, determine which club you’ll use, so that you don’t spend time deciding which to use on your turn. When you realise your playing team is slower than the one behind you, it’s often better to let them play through, and ahead of you, instead of letting them wait.

Carnoustie Golf Vacation -Golf etiquette also covers many other aspects of the game. These are but a few of them. Remember them on your first Carnoustie golf vacation.

The TaylorMade TR3 Speed Stik – Increase Your Swing Speed With This Great Speed Stik Golf Swing Trainer

One of the only ways to increase distance of the tee is to increase your swing speed. The TaylorMade TR3 Speed Stik golf training aid will help golfers of all levels and abilities not only increase their swing speeds but also help with rhythm and temp, which are key factors in not only increasing your distance but accuracy as well.

The TaylorMade Speed Stik weighs in at 650 grams.This weight will overload your golf swing and will help develop your golf muscles for both added strength and speed.

The Taylor Made Speed Stick will measure swing speeds with it’s built in speedometer in the range from 60 to 140 miles per hour.  This speedometer gives the golfer instant feeback on their swing speed.

The Speed Stik measures 46 inches and this helps to promote a much flatter swing plane.  By promoting a flatter swing plane you are less likely to swing out to in (slice) or swinging over the top (again slice).

The Speed Stik swing trainer also has arrows printed all the way down the shaft. This allows you to not only use the Speed Stik as a swing trainer but also as a perfect alignment aid.  Making sure that you are aligned correctly increases your accuracy and can also help to reduce the dreaded slice.

The Speed Stik is designed to be collapsible which allows it to be very easily stored in your golf bag, locker or luggage while traveling.  The Speed Stik also comes with a nice nylon pouch bag for storage so that your Speed Stik can be kept in the best condition possible.

So with the Taylormade Speed Stik golf swing trainer you not only get a great training aid for your golf swing but with the added weight of the trainer also helps to develop your golf swing mucles and the speed stik can also be used as an allignment aid.

If you would like some more information about golf swing traingin aids or perhaps another Taylormade Speed Stick review, then please visit my golf swing training aids website.

Golf Training Aids: Learning Golf For Beginners

If you ask a common man why he exercises, chances are he would tell you about wanting to keep fit while maintaining his health. If you ask a rich man why he exercises, he would tell you he plays golf because it is exclusive and requires the player to have a lot of skill. Currently, the game of golf is now available to all members of the public – which has also then brought a new need in the market for golf training aids. After all, golf is more than simply hitting a ball into a hole – the art of golfing is laced with the need for skills, techniques and a lot of knowledge on the sport.

On one hand, one can basically improve one’s golfing skills by repeatedly practices. However, if you are [an amateura beginner], repeating the same mistakes on a daily basis will probably not improve your golfing skills by a lot. To get a lesser handicap, you need to have the correct techniques and skills, which is where training aids come in handy.

Golf training aids were invented by golf experts who have been in the industry for a notable amount of time. There has been an assortment of golf training aids created to suit different training needs. For example, there exists a specially designed putter to help the golfer learn how to putt correctly.

Golfers who are looking to improve their swing can try the swing trainer instead. While the act of swinging may look easy, swinging a golf club actually requires the golfer to swing with proper posture. The swing trainer basically operates with the objective of strengthening the golfer’s muscles that are needed for swinging.

Then there is the training kit called the golf belt. Similar to the belt construction workers carry, the golf belt holds all of the repair tools a golfer would need just in case of an emergency. An example of tools found in a golf belt includes golf ball markers. Golfers would also be interested to find out that the golf belt comes in a variety of colors.

The latest gadget to find itself on the golf market is talking golf clubs. The golf club acts as a coaching device during game play. This enables the golfer to learn technique and discipline at a cheaper cost.

Typically, aspiring golfers turn to books and videos to learn how to improve their golfing skills. Books and videos are portable, and are full of condensed information about golfing. In sa way, it is like learning from the experts themselves, as this medium is presented by golfing gurus and enthusiasts.

Now we will end our article on golf training aids with a recommendation. Do look into the Simple Swing e-book which is both cost-effective and practical. Notably, the book tip the golfer on how to strengthen the body from the outside as well as from the inside.

Golf For Dummies DVD – Some Great Tips For All Golfers

Many people have seen the “For Dummies” series of books and DVD’s that have dealt with teaching the basics of using word, ebay and everything in between. Their latest “For Dummies” product now includes golf. Which teaches the basics of golf which is great for people just starting out as well as some tips and advice for the seasoned pro all done in the familiar “For Dummies” way.

The DVD is hosted by Gary McCord who would be familiar with anyone that watches the game of golf and wrote the Golf For Dummies book. Through the Golf For Dummies DVD Gary will take the viewer through the various fundamentals of golf.

The DVD starts of with the basic fundamentals of the golf swing teaching the viewer the correct way to grip your golf clubs, how to take the correct stance and correct procedure that should be followed for a good golf swing.

The second phase of the Golf For Dummies DVD is all about putting which golfers of all levels will learn something new about the best ways to practice putting and the correct technique to drop those crucial putts.

The third phase of the Golf For Dummies DVD teaches the basics of the short game including chipping, pitching and how to execute good bunker shots. The tips in this section of the DVD are brilliant for golfers of all levels and you are shore to learn some new techniques to improve your golf game.

Through the last part of Golf For Dummies Gary McCord takes us through three very common bad golf shots. The first Gary talks about the slice the causes of what creates a slice and some good solutions that will help to fix it. The next one is the hook and again Gary talks about what causes the hook and some common solutions to get rid of it. Lastly Gary talks about shanks and again goes through causes and gives some good setup advice so you won’t shank the golf ball again.

What Is Golf Swing Slice

What is right or wrong is the things you should know when you play golf. Wrong strategy are unknowingly made when golfers do a trick. Golf swing slice is the most usual mistake a golf player commits. They are still puzzled on how they clueless this mistake.

Practicing basic golf swings can help you find the solution and to correct also your mistakes so that you’ll play the game golf more smoothly than before.

The things that are being taught are Correct handling, correct stance and correct swing in basic golf swings. you need to know these important things when playing golf. When you play golf, excact stance helps you a lot. Her shoulders should be as wide as the golfer’s stance to make sure that her target is aligned.

Your left foot should point slightly towards the left while the position of your right foot should be pointing aligned ahead . To keep up your stance, your elbows have to be naturally positioned. Remember, stance has a very important role in golf so you should develop correct stance and position. any minor movement will affect the ball’s landing. Practice the correct stance to know your right position.

Proper grip also plays an valuable role in playing golf . If you know the proper grip, there are fewer mistakes to be committed. Adjust your grip on the club to correct a golf slice. Many right handed golfers commit a mistake by gripping the club too tight. This causes the ball to hook to the left. The ball slice towards the right because of the grip is frail. So take note in suitable handling and in suitable gripping as it will affect your performance and how the ball will move/land.

When playing golf, the last thing you should know is the exact swing mechanics. After be taught how the proper way to grip, and the proper stance now you will learn about correct swing mechanics. In making a exact downswing, it begins with your hips; keep your eyes on the ball and your head behind the ball as you make a follow through.

Practicing correct golf swing mechanics lowers your golf score. To see the difference or improvement and to see if you do the exact swing mechanics, try to have some adjustments.

In improving your skills in golf, following the steps above will really help you to develop a lot avoid you from golf swing slice. to be a successful golfer sooner or later, you need a lot of routine.

Scotland Golf Package – How To Prevent Problems On Your Vacation

Those who’ve chosen a Scotland golf package, or any holiday package, know that sometimes so many things go wrong even on a carefully planned vacation. Preparation is key, but so is having a cheerful and realistic mindset. You might benefit from the tips below on salvaging your golf vacation.

Scotland Golf Package -When the pick up driver doesn’t pick you up

There’s an optional service included in many Scotland golf package, that of an airport pick up. Your pick up could get delayed, lost, or his vehicle can breakdown, regardless, you might miss your flight or else be late so that you’ll need to get a later flight or train ride. Perhaps your co-worker or neighbour could drive you to the airport or bus station. It’s back up plan you need, and that comes in the form of gassing up the family car or asking a friend to drive you to the airport just in case.

There were errors in booking your hotel stay

Human error comes in many forms, from not getting the arrangements you paid for to arriving at a hotel that’s full for the holidays. It would do you good not to get too tried during the trip, in case you have to find other hotels. You could always find hotels near golf links.

Scotland Golf Package -Getting sick during your holiday

Sometimes work stress can leave you feeling a bit under the weather, and they you worry about your vacation. Because you might get more sick on your holiday. But then some push on with their chosen Scotland golf package, even when they do get sick. At least they’re work is behind them. You may have to settle with watching golf in your hotel bedroom. At least city stress is behind you.

Your family is not preoccupied enough to let you play

If you have to watch over your kids, that’s not helping you spend more time on the links. Try to bring a sitter if you can’t leave your children at home. Maybe your wife can arrange for some activities that will keep her and the kids occupied while you spend time on the links. Or maybe you may want to not bring them with you next time.

Scotland Golf Package -Work calls you up to tie up some loose ends

Draft some auto-respond emails for co-workers who might call you. Prepare voicemail also. The last thing you want to think about work while meditating on your stroke.

So, preparing to go through your Scotland golf package would include making sure that (1) the golf tour company you hire is reputable, (2) that you are willing to take alternate transportation arrangements, (3) that you are sure your family will not cause trouble if you bring them, and (4) that you are covered well-enough at work.

Be A Better Golfer

My interest is sports. Sports can be played anytime they wantby anyone. I play various kinds of sports. Playing golf is what I prefer because I found it very interesting. Watching Golf Swing Videos is one of the efficient ways to learn this.

When I was still a starter, I can’t play it well. Watching golf games online helped me when I started practicing golf. It is not enough to watch golf games to learn it.Then last night I find a site that plays Golf Swing Videos. After watching it, I knew the proper way to play it.

The video informs the wrong and right way on playing it. They also show the right way on handling the equipments when you’re playing golf. These golf videos also support your actual lessons. It will be easy for you to learn golf if you will apply what you’ve learned on the tutorial. The videos will teach you the very detailed ways on how to win a game. I watch costless video clips and lessons to learn in my own time.

After watching the videos, you can start observing yourself. You can use your own video camera to record your game or your actual lesson in the fairways to help you identify any mistakes and correct them. After your own game, improve the mistakes you made by identifying it. Golf teacher can help you in correcting your actions. You can perform this instructions every time you play golf. Doing better than the previous games you played is a good sign that you are better.

Knowing golf doesn’t ends in watching videos. Aside to the things you learned in the video, you still need to learn some maneuver. Every sport player has their own tricks that will make their crowd say “wow”!. see videos that features tricks that will make golfing easy for you.

I learned that golf swing basics are important and the first thing to search for. golf stance, posture, grip, ball position and spine tilt are the things an teacher teaches in golf. Golf drills help someone who forgot some golf tricks/lessons to recognize it.

How to fix a fault when you encountered them is important to know it. You can play more better if you know this things in playing golf.

If you’re an aspiring golf player then Golf Swing Videos are really helpful for you to learn golf in an easy way without spending too much bucks.

Golf Tips For Starters

There is a lot of training and practice involved in golf in comparison to other games. You  have to learn how to use yourdesigner golf gear, make certain you select where to do your golf clubs training and most importantly, select the best golf footwear. Being the sport it is, golf isn’t so easy so here are a few sugesstions for newbies:

* Choose well- to begin with, you must pick your first set of clubs. Golf is known to be a costly game and golf gear can go for thousands of dollars. Keep away from the latest golf gear as a newbie. What would happen if you don’t do well in the sport and decide golf isn’t really for  you? A lot of money gone to waste! Comforting to know though that many of the leading brands including Wilson, Dunlop and Knight do have packages available that are quite affordable.

You can also find good clubs at garage sales. Pro golfers like to replace their golf clubs often so you might be able to find some set at a great price.

Basically avoid overspending since you’re still a beginner. Make sure you’ll stay long term with the game before you decide on getting more costly clubs.

*Get to know the game- once you know the rules, get some lessons. If money isn’t a ‘problem’ for you then you might consider enrolling in a golf school. It’s a faster way to learn. On the other hand, if  you only want to play for fun and have a limited budget, try getting lessons at one of the golf clubs.

* Practice- you might want to use your backyard for the first few practice sessions and just throw some balls in a bucket. This way you’d learn how to swing right and be able to make all those bad shots without anyone minding.For putting you can simply move the furniture in the living room around and the carpet would be the perfect venue.

Again those who can afford may go to one of the golf clubs that have a ‘training ground’ for beginners to practice their shots.

* Get out and Play- once  you’ve practiced your swings and putting enough and think you can handle a few eyes watching you, find a real golf course to play on. Don’t settle for any green lawn but find a course with all the holes and flags.

For starters, Par-3 courses are good choices which are shorter than the full -sized courses. It would also be a good idea to inquire about crowds, you wouldn’t want a whole bunch of people to ‘boo’ you when you loose so make sure the course is not that crowded.