Golf Shanks Cure – 7 Steps To Fix the Shanks

Ugh… the shanks. In golf, it feels like you’ve lost your entire game. It’s over. Stash your golf bag in the attic and take up tennis or some other sport. Is there hope when you get the shanks? Can the shanks be fixed?

Yes, you CAN be cured of the shanks. First step is to understand why you are shanking the golf ball…and then learn what to do about it. Above all, be patient and relax.

I know it’s easier said than done, but the shanks get worse due to your lack of confidence. Golf is a mental game more than anything. All good golfers will experience the shanks at one time or another. Consider it your right of passage into the world of being a good golfer.

It will get better. Read these tips and see if your golf shanks can’t be fixed.
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Shankapotomus Gifts and More! Gotta Love That eTrade Baby!

I LOVE that etrade baby commercial…the Shankapotomus one. “Read the rule book, Shankapotomus!” Awesome! I have a LOT of golfer friends that the commercial makes me think of, too…. how about you?

I came across a cool little site that sells custom Shankapotomus gifts… TShirts, coffee mugs, keychains, hoodies, polo shirts, baby wear, mouse pads… you name it! All with unique and hard-to-find Shankapotomus tag lines on them.
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Stack and Tilt Golf Swing – Does It Work?

The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing has gained an amazing amount of popularity in the past few years – and for good reason! The guys at Medicus developed this swing technique that is based around retaining all your weight on your front foot as opposed to shifting your weight throughout your swing.

The Medicus Golf Trainer is key to developing this Stack and Tilt swing technique, but before we get into that, let’s talk about and watch a video of the Stack and Tilt swing technique. Does it work? What are the Pros and Cons? If over a dozen PGA tour Pros are using it, is it the right swing technique for YOUR golf game, too?
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Shanking the Golf Ball?

Absolutely NOTHING feels worse to a golfer than taking what feels like a great swing at the golf ball and seeing that ball go dead RIGHT (or for the left-handed player, dead LEFT). “The Shanks” begin as simple golf swing flaw and then progress into a total mental meltdown. Even Pros get the shanks – watch this video of Tiger Woods hitting a shank golf shot! Then, keep reading and listen to one casual golfers story of going from his best golf ever… to a serious case of the shanks.
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Proper Golf BackSwing and Take Away

Now that you’ve learned the proper golf grip to have and mastered the correct set up/ how to address to the golf ball, it’s time to breakdown and analyze a good take away and back swing for a consistent golf swing. Let’s also take a look at the things that can go wrong during the take away and backswing process.
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How To Improve Your Golf Game at the Driving Range

The first step to improve your golf game, no matter what level you are, is practice. Working at a driving range is one of the best ways to improve your golf game, with or without the guidance and advice of a golf pro. Spend time on the driving range to improve your stance, posture, grip and swing without having to worry about holding other golfers up from their own games. The driving range can also be a more relaxed atmosphere, taking away some of the competitive edge that you might find on the course.
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How To Address the Golf Ball

The Address

Setting up over the golf ball is the next step in having a proper golf swing. Simple things like improper chin position while addressing the golf ball can lead to many topped golf shots… and a higher golf score. Keep reading to learn the correct way to set up for your golf swing.
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The Correct Golf Grip

The Grip

Every good golf swing starts with the correct golf grip. Having control over your shots is just ONE of the main advantages of using a consistently proper golf grip. A good grip can also lead to increased accuracy and more yardage. Keep reading and learn the correct golf grip.
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